Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

A Recess for Teacher

Dimpled cheeks and frizzy hair
arms in slings and fashion flair.
You enter here different but green
not knowing what this short life means.

A spider's wisp of unknown length
ripped away by angels' blink.
A ripple, a spark, a falling leaf,
transient, short, sadly brief.

But as you near my magnetic grasp
enticed to seek and excited to gasp
we dance with apples and Newtonian stares
traipsing like nymphs to Siren's lairs.

Learn with me fair children of men
come sit on my Socratic rock again
inquire to know and settle not
life's too short for learning to stop.

Rock I shall till life's last bell
then carve my stone and wish me well:

"She who taught best

has finally earned recess."

- Written on my iPad using Blog Press by Vicki Davis, author, Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds
Photo Credit: Big Stock

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